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Watch the Costa Rica tropical dry forest as it greens: Click here for a larger version.

Dr. Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa discusses Tropi-Dry research on Impacto-TEC radio. Click here for a larger version.


Tropi-Dry Spotlighted by the National Science Foundation and Others for Protecting Thousands of Hectares of Tropical Dry Forest in Minas Gerais

From the NSF Website:

Press Release 11-078 
It's Earth Week. Just In Time, Thousands of Hectares of Tropical Forest are Saved

"Scientific data from international project led to overturning Brazilian law..."


Read the original Tropi-Dry press release

From Science Writer Thomas Hayden's Website:

From Brazil, a surprising breath of good forest news

"Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa is one of those researchers whose work is easier to describe than it is to label: he uses satellite imaging to study forests in Latin America, to see what happens when people cut them down, and to try to figure out ways to get them, once in a while, to stop. He's also one of those sources who seem to have done something else remarkable every time you turn around..."